Social Click Photobooth

Social Click Booth - Open Air Photobooth from DC Photobooth
The ALL NEW Social Click Photobooth Studio is not only a state of the art open air photobooth, it is a different kind of photo entertainment experience altogether.

Completely customizable and highly interactive, the Social Click photobooth studio provides a new marketing option for corporate events, fundraisers, launch parties, etc.

Custom backdrops and visually attractive photo slideshows create a "red carpet" feel for guests, while our tablet-powered social media center offers instant social sharing options.

Social Networking

  • Instantly upload to Facebook or Twitter
  • Prints stream directly to tablet-powered social center
  • Guests can instantly upload or email images


  • Ideal for Corporate Branding
  • Easily promote your event or brand
  • Customizable backdrops & side panels - perfect for logos or event graphics
  • Custom graphics/instructions on inner LCD screen
  • Color, design, and layout of the prints can be customized to show event/company logos


  • Loads of fun props that can be tailored around your event (we do take requests as well)
  • Young, fun, and energetic staff to man the photobooth during your event
  • Open air booth allows a more spacious experience - fit you and around 10 of your friends in one shot

Other Specs

  • Dimensions: approximately 6’ wide and 3.5’ deep with a similar footprint to a light bulb silhouette.
  • Photos print out on 4x6 photo paper
  • Camera is a 12 mega-pixel DSLR
  • Photos print in 10-15 seconds
  • 1 picture taken per session